Client Testimonials

Jason King - Director/Writer - Jason King IMDB

"Working with Krik Music was an absolute pleasure. He is an amazing and talented guy and I don't think I quite realised just how talented and amazing he was until I saw my film in the cinema for the first time. Quite simply his score made the hairs on my body stand up. Quite simply amazing!"

Adrian Wiggins - Owner - Big Beat Team Building

“Chris is a very talented musician and not just professional but highly motivated in his work. Having performed with Chris on numerous occasions have found his musicianship to be unique and can only be successful in what he does for the future.” 

Angel Farringdon -DJ/Producer/Record label - 'BermudaTriangle Records'

" I came across Krik's music on myspace and was hooked on his funky riffs and vocals imediately. We soon started collaborating. The first project (a remix of Omega 66 'Fall In Sitaution') received superb support from worldwide DJ's and major radio stations such as Radio 1, Kiss and Galaxy. Krik's sound inspired me to set up my own record label and we have more projects in the pipeline"

Suzi Chunk - Singer/session singer

"I have worked with Krik in many different projects, both live and in the studio. He is a fantastic guitar player, his individuality and raw style always create somethingspecial. He's creative, versatile, and very easy to get on with. A pleasure to work with"

Davina Media - Award winning journalist and producer - Davina Media

"Krik is a delight to work with. Conscientious, hard working and willing to learn on the job. He is also very good with clients when fliming on location in challenging and sensitive situations. A good man."

Adam Adabi - Film Director - 'Abadi Films'

"We Gave the film to Krik with not much idea of what to expect. When he returned it with the sound design and music complete we were over the moon. Not only had he created a full sound design for the film but he had great music with it and had even created new, amazing sounds to represent the pears! Which was something no one else seemed to be able to do"

The Miniature Music Press - Website

"Magic Notion, featuring Sabrina Mahi, has a slap-bass funk chic about it. It's Demeaning is a quasi-political knees-up masterpiece with echoes of Soul II Soul reverberating off frantic electronica. Sally Thomas' vocal effort on The Way It Is lends it a lush laidback Massive Attack ambience while Something On My Brain's house tempo plays alongside a Beta Band quirkiness.

With the terrific material at their disposal and their indisputable live prowess, the MMP suggests this ride might be one worth getting on

Samantha Price - Film Producer 'Sparkler Productions'

“I began working with Krik Music on a short film project and was extremely pleased with their professionalism and quality of work. Shortly after I embarked on producing a feature film ‘Bad Company’ and I did not hesitate in consulting them about both our Sound Design and Composing the Original Score.

During the production they provided three very different tracks an 80’s Pop song, a ballad and a Heavy Metal Track! So have shown their diversity, and ability to work within the limitations of our low-budget. We are currently in Post Production and they have now composed music for two teaser trailers, and are currently working with the director on composing the score for the feature.“

Erik Stams - Session drummer/Head of 'Drum Tech' -

"Chris is a dedicated and very musical guitarist with a broad knowledge of different styles of music. He is reliable, timely and well prepared.”

Dan Mcginn - Freelance session/live musician

“Krik is a well centred musician with great live and session skills...he's a pleasure to work with.”

Buzz Magazine - Buzz on -line

"Rock, R&B, Electro, Funk and spaced out vibes this is a great sound." ZM ****

Sally Thomas - Singer/Songwriter - MySpace

"He is the best music producer I have worked with as he helps me realise my ideas whilst guiding me in the direction the song needs. My songs have come to life! :)"